“Once upon a time, there were two artists. Only when they found each other, with quiet help of the Universe, they started loudly gazing on Earth together.

Looking for temporary leftovers, timeless artwork was created.”


Nowadays, there is no doubt that climate change and the sustainability of our inhabitation on Earth are a burning issue. 

Surely, we are aware that we humans are the only species producing non-compostable waste. 

Moreover, recycling should not be an option but an urgently needed action. An answer, in reaction to our suffering planet.

That being said… have you ever wondered about what would happen if Earth leftovers were turned into artwork? 

Would you consider it to be something temporary or a permanent art statement? 

We see it as a sentimental call for a change.


EARTHWINDESIRE is a new emerging art brand consisting of a green couple: Larisa, an architect from Croatia and Daniel, sculptor from Austria. What brought us together was the same crazy approach to life, and passion towards nature, art and recycling.

That is the reason why founding own brand where we turn Earth leftovers to art was a natural thing. We moved to Samobor, Croatia where we have a small house in nature and a big workshop where all the artwork is created.

Our artwork is a combination of wood, metal, stone, even bones (!check out the bones lamp called 'SLAVERY') and everyting we find during walks in nature.

Wood is what we are most passionate about – only hard wood that is conserved by being stuck in soil or water is used. Once that is discovered, it takes much time and effort to clean it, dry it, form it, polish it and finally treat it with natural, plant based oil to perserve the beauty of revealed structure. 

For packaging, we use cardboard leftovers found in big shopping malls. We tailor by hand to fit perfectly to our our unique pieces.





Thank you for believing in us!

Green love,